Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc.

Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc., (AR Tech) has been established in Florida since 1993. Originally Minnesota Roadways and Asphalt Restoration Technology of Minnesota, we have been leaders in the paving and asphalt maintenance industry for over 50 years.

Connie Lorenz, President of AR Tech Systems, has been with AR Tech since 1999. Her leadership, skills and classes have taught thousands of consumers about proper asphalt maintenance and has helped save them thousands of dollars. Be sure to look for her articles in the Florida Community Association Journal (formerly Managers Report).

Connie has made many public presentations to boards, corporate department heads, government engineers, management companies, theme parks and management organizations regarding proper asphalt maintenance. Since her arrival at AR Tech, she soon discovered the lack of correct information available about asphalt maintenance and began educating property managers and board members through her certified course ABC's of Road Resurfacing.

Discovering the desperate need for this information, she became an advocate in the industry focusing on protecting homeowners, property managers and owners from the downfalls of questionable contractors and improper techniques. Her voice is heard loud and clear throughout the asphalt industry and has helped raise the bar of quality and integrity from other maintenance companies thereby helping consumers decide which contractor are best and most informed.

AR Techs beliefs are that by educating the consumer about the true and correct procedures and products for asphalt maintenance will help eliminate the contractors who do not have the consumers best interest at hand.

Team AR Tech has been recognized for their leadership, quality work, honesty and integrity and is are the leaders in the asphalt maintenance and rejuvenation industry.

AR Tech is the only supplier in Florida of Pavement Dressing Conditioner (PDC) asphalt rejuvenator. Its performance keeps AR Tech at the top of the industry. Anything else is second best. Our proof is .... in the pavement.


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